Sunday, 5 September 2010



All leopard, all gay goodness. Bristol  is a place 2 hours west of London where charity shops rule and the crowd lets loose! So I decided to catch a coach out there to see it for myself.
I was not dissapointed! Thats for sure. Every second shop seemed to be an op shop and the town even had a free shop where I picked up a sheer lilac piece of fabric to make into a cape or skirt laters.
Sipping coffee at a local cafe, this piece of work came walking past and changed my perspective on Leopard. He does this ripped denim, print and siren red look with complete confidence - almost like he was born to wear those things.
I found out later by asking around town that his name is SAPHIRE! and he has bonfires at his luxuriously vintage decorated home every weekend. He helps out most of the vintage stores around town so I can only image he would own the cream of the crop and have an immaculate collection!

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