Sunday, 5 September 2010

A gentleman from Oxford street

I found this gorgeous chap on Oxford street sipping his Nero coffee. What I love about him is the fact that he mastering this modern take on Italian style with a real - Mr cheeky, nice guy attitude. The swiped back, no fuss hair is what gets me everytime I look at this photo (apart from those incredibly sexy mid rise pants!!!). In my opinion there is only two hairstyles for guys (which are worth getting), and this is one of them. Jude law is such a good example of this one! The other obvcourse is long, shiny (unfortunately most boys think shininess and oilyness are one of the same) tressles that hang down past the shoulders. Use your imaginatinon for this one and think a total rocker who wears spikes off his boots and black black black with dark features.
Actually no need to imagine - heres a picture of Trevene:

How strange that a boy is one of my first posts! In Australia I never even glanced at men because usually they use skinny jeans and hoodies as an excuse to be 'cool & trendy' when in actual fact all the boys look like they have come out of a production plant called 'general pants' and OH how general they do look! But here in London fashion is not limited to what is on the high street and style just oozes out of the genlemen of London so naturally!

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