Friday, 3 September 2010

Walk the streets Style Edition no. 1

The London Swagger is me (Emma Wood) on my journey all the way from Bondi, Australia over to London to get inspired, get some amazing clothes and experience the world of London fashion. As Gisele (you know her - the supermodel) said in this months issue of LOVE magazine "Ninety percent of the power people in fashion are British".

So it all starts somewhere I guess, but for me it started back in Australia when my parents were too poor (or too stingy) to buy me new clothes so I would go to the local op shops (you call them charity stores) and started sifting through the stinky mess untill I found old vintage pieces which I chopped and changed into my own creations.

After moving to the big smoke (Sydney) to pursue a modelling career I somehow lost my passion for second hand clothes and my desire to op-shop was soon replaced by the push to buy shiny new, structured, clean pieces from the real deal shops.

Well, good ol' Em is back and she's in London Town hunting down the best bargains and the dirtiest drag! Rummage through your dressups to go downtown to tescos and I'll see you there, take your picture, get inspired and find ways to discover the nitty gritty of style on the streets.

(Don't worry though - I'll always have a thing for labels too)

Love you all!!

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